Split 7" with 7 Generations

by Die Young (TX)



Released by Surprise Attack Records, November 2005.


released November 19, 2005

Recorded and mixed by Doyle Odom at Electric Tide Studio (Houston, TX) in March 2005 during the Survival Instinct sessions.

Music and lyrics by The Rev. White Devil, except for "Degradation" (originally by Gorilla Biscuits)

Vocals and Guitar - The Rev. White Devil
Bass - Gibson
Drums - Jared Kuntz



all rights reserved


Die Young (TX) Houston, Texas

Texas Hardcore 2002-2009. Reborn to pillage in 2013.

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Track Name: The Messenger
Forgive me for caring--have I said too much?
Forgive me for caring--I haven't said enough (no, not enough)

In the spirit of youth we scream to defy all authority
Call us young, dumb, naive, but we still believe...
That change can be made!

Have you seen their hollow stares?
Their wills broken beyond repair
As entire lifetimes are spent working towards dead ends
Domesticated like an animal
That once was wild and free to roam
Now packed tightly into cubicles with idle hearts and hands

And that is the life we must refuse, no matter what the cost
Let's seize the day and steal everything--
To live the lives for which we lust!

Here I am, laying bare my soul
I give you me--my warts and all
To live in pursuit of dreams often means stealing to eat
And what have they to offer us?
All things tangible return to dust
So fuck them all
Their pristine pomp and show
Their gods we'll never know (deceit!)

Forgive me for caring--have I said too much?
Forgive me for caring--I haven't said enough (never enough)

And for as long as I breathe the struggle may live
But I'll clutch these dreams till the rigor sets in
I may be swimming upstream but I won't relent
I cannot accept the way it is
Track Name: Degradation (Gorilla Biscuits)
Words and music by Gorilla Biscuits