Survival Instinct

by Die Young (TX)



Originally released on CD by Immigrant Sun Records, June 2005. Re-released on CD as part of the "Through the Valleys In Between" CD collection by Still Life Records (Italy), August 2008. Released on 7" by Surprise Attack Records, August 2009.

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released June 10, 2005

Recorded and mixed by Doyle Odom at Electric Tide Studio (Houston, TX) in early March 2005.

Music and lyrics by The Rev. White Devil, except for "For the Kids" ( by Trial).

Vocals and Guitars - The Rev. White Devil
Bass- Gibson
Drums - Lil' Jared Kuntz



all rights reserved


Die Young (TX) Houston, Texas

Texas Hardcore 2002-2009. Reborn to pillage in 2013.

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Track Name: M.A.D.
The webs they weave will be designs of our demise
Reckless in this nuclear age with better judgment paralyzed
They've sent our noble sons into a holy war we can't undo
Now there's no escape and a fiery hell to pay

Yet politicians proclaim visions of lasting love and peace
As corporations feast like vultures on those in poverty

We bleed for gods and profits--deadly righteous causes

Watch as history recycles itself
And prepare to face a living hell
Nothing is sacred, no one is safe
When faith or freedom are at stake

Mass destruction is mutually assured
Track Name: Some Salvation
Feel the love because you need
A reason to persist
Feel the love even if
It doesn't exist

Cast down into this world unknown
Half-aware and dreadfully alone
Determined to make sense of this sphere that spins

The pious man wakes again
Content so long as he's convinced
There are higher powers watching over us
And why should I disagree?
We all want to live meaningfully
How unfortunate--the numbers don't add up

Whichever path you follow--faith or science
It's all so hollow
Rest assured we're spiralling toward our dusty end

So entertain your fucking selves
With delusions of significance
As if this universe makes perfect sense...

Whichever path you follow--faith or science
It all lacks reason
Once you taste the fruit of eden there is no going back...

Feel the fucking love
Track Name: There Is No Rest
Hear the cries of our soul-less suffering
We are born into thorn-like chains
Would you choose life and all of its pain
If you had the comfort of a day's refrain?

The seeds we have sown, like weeds they have grown
Into mostrosities of towering steel and concrete
The more we produce, the more we'll consume--
The cycle never ends
There is no rest...

The worst is still yet to come
Track Name: Survival Instinct
We are here
Divided in so many ways
Yet united through our suffering
The torment seems so inhumane
But it is the common thread of all humanity

What "god" all powerful
Could call us his creation's pinnacle?
It is "he" who should repent
For giving us the lack of sense and capability
To destroy this world with industry

I do not doubt we deserve the flood
All the disease and the damage done
It is the faithful who procreate
Who fuck us all into oblivion

How man is fallible
To think he can somehow maintain control
It is we who should relent
In our destructive drive for dominance

This is a strike against all gods--
In "heaven" and on earth
We placed our faith in the unknown
And ourselves on this world's throne
Then we spread like a plague across the seas
Driven by the animal roar inside
Commanding us to survive
Track Name: Light of Our Misery
Piece by piece
Everything falls apart...

Yet I am still here clinging to my dignity
What else is left but to believe in some kind of change?
The storm may come and decimate all I've worked to create
But I will forge some meaning in this suffering

From peak to peak
Through the valleys in between
Transcend the pain, make light of our misery

Always grasping for some certainty
One promise proven true just to soothe my inner frailty
Helpless against the elements, yet I keep fragile hope inside
Determined to make myself worthy of...

Our human plight!

From peak to peak
Through the valleys in between
Transcend the pain, make light of our misery

Dear mother, hide your children's eyes no longer
Perhaps we were born just to suffer
Carving out each hollowed day until the wings of fleeting time
Carry us away...
Track Name: Among the Ruins
The child's mind was in upheaval
The veil of all that he had ever known
Had been torn to shreds
Revealing a world he could not bear to comprehend
As paradise is lost the unraveling begins

We were born with a static ringing in our ears, innately unaware
But innocence becomes the skin we shed just to survive

And starry eyes will fade
As she comes to grips with the world we have made
The holy lies and expectations--
The blood, the sweat, the venom of our creation
And all the illusions of freedom we can't taste

Here we remain chasing mirages into horizons as glory fades
Clinging to the carcass of lost love, because hope is all we have

Passed through the corridor
Innocence at it's end
As we walk among the ruins
The ruins live within
Track Name: For the Kids (Trial)
Music and lyrics by the almighty Trial.